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Arts & Culture

ikebana-japanese-art-of-flower-arrangement-000070786303_fullArts and cultural events supported by JFT across Canada and at our venue in Toronto. More details

Language Education

Want to start reading and writing in Japanese? Join us for Let’s Learn Hiragana! Oct 21 - Nov 4! More details

Japanese Studies

We are now accepting applications for the Japanese Studies Fellowship Program. Deadline: December 1

News and Announcements

Dentō Kōgei Traditional Craft Screening Series Phase Two

Oct 23 – Nov 6: Second series of short documentaries that examine up close the work of master artisans and their traditions.

Talk by Rowland Rickets: I am Ai, We are Ai

Oct 21 – Explore the history and practice of indigo farming in Tokushima and examine the current culture of indigo with the artist.


Oct 18 – 28: A window on Japanese choreographic arts. Marked by audacious, contemporary visions and embodied space, the compositions in this programme serve to introduce the eclectism of current day dance in Japan.

JFT Introductory Course on Teaching Japanese

The JFT Introductory Course on Teaching Japanese is designed for people who have sufficient Japanese language proficiency but little to no experience teaching Japanese.

July 2017 JLPT Online Test Results Announcement

The results for the July 2017 Japanese Language Proficiency Test are now available online. Continue reading →

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