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Arts & Culture

ikebana-japanese-art-of-flower-arrangement-000070786303_fullArts and cultural events supported by JFT across Canada and at our venue in Toronto. More details

Language Education

On December 16th we will host a teachers' workshop - "Teaching Japanese Based on the Action Oriented Approach." Read more...

Japanese Studies

We are now accepting applications for the Japanese Studies Fellowship Program. Deadline: December 1

News and Announcements

Japan Foundation Programs for 2018-2019

Information on Japan Foundation programs available for 2018-2019 has been added.

Performing Arts Japan for North America

Oct 31 – Deadline is approaching for PAJ program that provides financial assistance for performances or co-productions in North America that aim to introduce Japanese performing arts to local audiences.

Dentō Kōgei Traditional Craft Screening Series Phase Two

Oct 23 – Nov 6: Second series of short documentaries that examine up close the work of master artisans and their traditions.

It’s Fun To Study Japanese!

The Japan Foundation has put together a selection of messages from people studying Japanese, including Canada’s own Kevin Reynolds!

The 13th Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship

The Hakuho Foundation is now accepting applications for the 13th Hakuho Japanese Research Fellowship.
Application period: June 9-October 31, 2017
Research period: September 1, 2018-August 31, 2019 (6 months or 12 months) Continue reading →

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