JFT Request For Proposal: Software Solutions & Data Migration

The Japan Foundation, Toronto has accepted the proposal by Xoomler IT Consulting for the RFP below. [February 1, 2018]


The Japan Foundation, Toronto requests proposals from qualified consulting firms to provide expertise related to the provision of software solutions and data migration. Deadline is 9:00 AM January 26, 2018. FAQ here >


Request for Proposal: FileMaker Pro Migration and Modifications


The Japan Foundation, Toronto (hereinafter, JFT)

2 Bloor Street East, Suite 300

Toronto, ON  M4W 1A8


  1. Due Date and Time

January 26, 2018, 9AM

Response must be received before 9 AM via e-mail to the following e-mail address:



  1. Contact and Inquiries

Kota Miyamoto (Project Manager)

Administrative Officer, Japan Foundation, Toronto (JFT)


*Inquiries will be accepted by email only, and will be accepted up to 1 (one) day before closing time. Responses to any and all inquiries received will be posted publicly here.


  1. Instructions to Proponents

Proposals are invited from qualified and experienced firms for the provision of software solutions and data migration.


The project manager will receive proposals as early as January 15, 2018, at 9AM local time. Submissions received after January 26, 2018 at 9AM will not be considered. It is the sole responsibility of the person(s) submitting to ensure delivery to this address before the closing date and time.


  1. Submission

One PDF Proposal sent via e-mail.

This should include a letter signed by an officer of the company in a position to legally bind the company to the statements contained therein.


Revisions to a submitted Proposal must be made in writing and received by the Project Manager before the closing date and time.

A Proponent may withdraw his Proposal upon written request received by the Project Manager prior to the closing date and time.

A contract will be signed with the lowest bidding proponent and the results of this process will be announced on our website within five days of the closing date.


  1. Project Overview and Scope

(1) Data Migration

Updating software from FileMaker 6 to 16

Migration of approximately 20,000 contacts

(2) Newly Designed Interface

User friendly interface with new features to improve efficiency and accuracy

(3) WordPress Integration

Comprises of the following features:

– Downloading RSVP records and creating new contact and event attendance log where necessary.

– Ability to compare and check the consistency to the existing data

 (4) Overview of the Japan Foundation, Toronto

The Japan Foundation, Toronto (hereinafter, JFT) is a public institution with a mandate to introduce arts and culture of Japan, and to promote cultural exchanges between Canada and Japan. In order to promote its three main programs of Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese Language Education, and Japan Studies and Intellectual Exchange, JFT sends weekly email newsletters about its events to subscribers.

(5) Scope

  1. There are 14 staff at JFT and they have access to the database through 15 desktop computers and 3 laptops.
  2. Multiple staff should be able to open the database at the same time.

(6) Designated software

FileMaker Pro 16

The project should commence by February 9, 2018

The project should be completed by March 16, 2018 

The contractor is requested to produce a schedule which will minimize downtime for the office staff. 

  1. Services Required

The designated contractor will work with the JFT representative to coordinate pre-installation activities that results in minimal downtime of office operations. 

  1. Qualifications
  • Examples of current and past commercial projects of a similar scope
  • Confirmation of resources available
  • Confirm bonding for staff working on this assignment 
  1. Proposals should include the following
  • Proposed schedule – documented schedule noting the proposed stages, with milestones noted
  • Draft Contract
  • Cost proposals shall be quoted. Costs proposed shall be inclusive of all costs related to completing the project, including but not limited to preparation, travel, transportation, communication, reproduction, labour, overhead, profit, 1 year licencing of FileMaker Pro, etc.

* Please provide an explanation of how partial hours are billed (i.e. rounded up to quarter hour, half hour or hour.) 

  1. Competency and Qualifications

The successful contractor must have the necessary competence, experience, qualified personnel and equipment to carry out all aspects of the work of the Contract. The successful Contractor will employ properly licensed, trained, and unimpaired workers throughout the duration of the contract. Failure to do so could result in termination.

  1. Cancellation

JFT reserves the right to cancel this submission call for any reason whatsoever without stating reasons therefore. The entire process is subject to final award approval by Senior Management Staff who retains the ability to cancel this process for any reason whatsoever without any compensation to anyone.

  1. Assignment/Subcontracting

The Contractor shall not assign any of its obligations without JFTs prior written agreement and consent. 

  1. Correspondence

Both parties shall designate one person from their respective organizations to be primarily responsible for coordinating contractual and financial matters.

  1. Invoicing

The Contractor will be solely responsible for invoicing JFT. All invoices are subject to prior review and approval by JFT, and approved invoices will be paid on a net 30 day basis unless otherwise negotiated and agreed upon in writing. If JFT does not approve of the services or part of them which are subject of the invoice, JFT shall advise the Contractor in writing of the reasons for non-approval and the Contractor shall remedy at no additional cost to JFT before JFT shall be obliged to pay the invoice or any part of it, as the case may be. 

  1. Indemnification

The Contractor shall indemnify and save harmless JFT, its agents, employees and board members from and against any liability whatsoever for losses, liens, charges, claims, demands, payments, suits, actions, recoveries, and judgements including legal fees and expenses of every nature and description brought or recovered against either JFT, its agents and employees, or the contractor by reasons of an act, error or omission of the Contractor, its agents, employees, or licensees in providing the services, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, loss or damage to property, injury to or the death of any persons, alleged copyright, patent or other intellectual property rights infringement or interference, defective design or damage to the environment. 

  1. Contractor’s Expense

Contractors are solely responsible for their own expenses in preparing a submission. If JFT elects to reject all submissions, JFT will not be liable to any Contractor for any claims, whether for costs or damages incurred by the Contractor in preparing the submission, loss of anticipated profit, or any other matter whatsoever. 

  1. Irrevocability

Submissions will be irrevocable and remain open for acceptance by JFT for a period of sixty (60) calendar days, after the closing time. 

  1. Negotiation

JFT reserves the right to renegotiate enhancements or changes to the preferred Proposal with the Proponent.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – What if I need clarification or have questions?

A1 – Please send an email to project manager Kota Miyamoto at kmiyamoto@jftor.org


Q2 – Will my questions be posted on the www.jftor.org website?

A2 – Yes, responses to any and all inquiries received will be posted publicly here at www.jftor.org


Q3 – What is “Newly Designed Interface” in Para.5 (2)?

A3 – It does not necessarily mean the default modernized interface which File Maker 16 offers, but also includes a total rewriting of the layout. The layout should be flexible enough to adopt additional functions and our needs in the future. If you have a similar project in the past, please include it in your quote as an option.


Q4 – Are there any other functions that you are looking for?

A4 – Although there is a possibility of adding more functions in the future, the functions stated in the RFP is everything we are currently looking for.


Q5 – Do I need to include the license fee of FileMaker Pro 16 in the quote?

A5 – Yes, please include it in your quote.


Q6 – As for the payment, we would like to bill with a 50% upfront fee. Are you okay with that?

A6 – Yes, as long as it is reasonable.