Artist Talk: Miro Ito

Friday, May 26, 2017, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Exhibition Artist Talk 

Artist Talk: Miro Ito

Artist, author, producer (art & culture)

Miro Ito graduated from Keio University, and in Germany, she studied art philosophy at Ruhr University and photography at Essen University. She experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 while she was in Europe. She moved to the United States and there witnessed the 9.11 tragedy.

Since 9.11, Miro Ito has been involved in media and art projects as producer and creator with the artistic aspiration to promote peace and understanding through her own initiatives via the MEDIA ART LEAGUE, founded in 2003.

With one of her images gracing the official poster of the 2006 Venice Biennale – Dance Section, as well as the cover of the Graphis Annuals (Switzerland/U.S.A.), Miro Ito’s crossover work — which transcends the boundaries between genders, cultures, and genres — is the outcome of her own spiritual and artistic quest through her experiences in Germany, Japan and the United States.

Earlier in her career, Miro Ito was driven by her interest in the human body and created masterpieces with such legendary performers as Kyogen Master Mannojō Nomura V (the fifth) and Butoh Dancer Kō Murobushi. Since moving back to Japan in 2003, her interest has shifted in philosophical direction. Centring on Todai-ji Temple and the art and philosophy of the Nara period, the focus in her work has been towards the achievement of world peace.


Official Image of Venice Biennale (Dance Section)
Photo by Miro Ito
Butoh Dancer: Ko Murobushi 


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