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Variation and Autonomy in Montreal

Dec 1-20: Prints by 10 renowned contemporary Japanese painters. Notable as both a variation on painting and an autonomous form, these works helped establish the genre while imbuing it with a new breadth. Continue reading →

BYOB Lunchtime Films > Manga in Contemporary Japan

Oct 25 – Learn about the hugely prolific influence of manga in daily life in Japan in this documentary that captures the boom in the 1980’s.

Designing the Movies: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Oct 12 – Join host Natalie Atkinson for a special pre-show discussion about Ishioka’s work and life with Emmy Award winning costume designer Ane Crabtree (Handmaid’s Tale). Continue reading →

Dentō Kōgei Traditional Craft Screening Series Phase Two

Oct 23 – Nov 6: Second series of short documentaries that examine up close the work of master artisans and their traditions.

Talk by Rowland Rickets: I am Ai, We are Ai

Oct 21 – Explore the history and practice of indigo farming in Tokushima and examine the current culture of indigo with the artist.