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The Japan Foundation, Toronto (JFT) Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers

The “Action Oriented Approach” is a method of creating lessons from the perspective of thinking on what kind of language is necessary for a certain action, as opposed to a structural syllabus which uses the language itself as the starting point. In this workshop on December 16, 2017, participants will list familiar actions, make them into a curriculum, and finally think about how it could be taught.

Workshop for Teaching Japanese Online Based on the Action Oriented Approach

If you are interested in teaching Japanese online, join our new workshop (Tuesday evenings November 14 to December 19) which will introduce you to how you can use your own strengths to be an online teacher! No previous experience in teaching Japanese is required.

Let’s Learn Katakana!

Want to start reading and writing in Japanese? Join us for “Let’s Learn Katakana!” November 18th to December 2nd where we will cover the basic Japanese alphabet often used for foreign loan words.

Let’s Learn Hiragana!

Interested in learning Japanese but not sure where to begin? Join us for “Let’s Learn Hiragana!” October 21st to November 4th!

Continuing Learning Japanese 26

For the 26th event of the series, to be held on Saturday, October 14th, we will introduce various Japanese language courses in London.