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Japanese for Laughs: Japanese RAKUGO Demonstration

Join us at the Japan Foundation, Toronto on Saturday, February 11th for the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of traditional Japanese comedy!

December 2016 JLPT Online Test Results Announcement

The results for the December 2016 Japanese Language Proficiency Test are now available online. Continue reading →

The Japan Foundation, Toronto (JFT) Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers

In this workshop on February 4, 2017, participants will share their current situations and related issues, and discuss how we can improve on our classrooms as a place to raise students’ speaking ability.

9th Japan Experience Program for Overseas Children (Hakuho Foundation)

Hakuho Scheme for a Global Children’s Japanese Language Network is now accepting applications from overseas schools for participation in the 9th Japan Experience Program for Overseas Children. Continue reading →

Japanese Through Films: ”A Tale of Samurai Cooking”

Join us January 12th – 19th for our intermediate-level (JF Standard B1) Japanese language class in conjunction with the Japan Foundation, Toronto’s screening of “A Tale of Samurai Cooking” on January 15th!