Language Teaching Resources

Below are two useful sites the Japan Foundation has created for teachers of Japanese. We also recommend teachers check out our list of Language Learning Resources as there are many sites listed there which can be used in the classroom!

Minna no Kyouzai Site・みんなの教材サイト

Minna no Kyozai is a free, members-only website to help Japanese-language teachers around the world create teaching materials for their students.

Nihongo Kyoiku News・日本語教育通信

Check out the Japan Foundation’s “Nihongo Kyoiku News” for new and useful information for Japanese-language teachers.

List of Distributors of Japanese Language Materials

Below are distributors of Japanese-Language educational materials in Canada. This list is provided as a resource for Canadian educational institutions, and if you have any suggestions for places to buy books in Canada, please let us know.


  • Toronto Office
    [Address] 970 Verbena Road, Mississauga ON, L5T 1T6
    [Phone] 905-677-6727
    [Fax] 905-677-6728
  • Vancouver Office
    [Address] 175 – 5980 Miller Road, Richmond BC, V7B 1K2
    [Phone] 604-247-2141
    [Fax] 604-247-2140

Nihongo Circle

  • Toronto Office
    [Contact name] Tomoko Matsumoto
    [Address] 63 Leacrest Road, Unit # 7 Toronto, ON, M4G1E5
    [Phone ] 647-907-7520
  • Waterloo Main Office
    [Contact name] Kyoko Takahashi or Kazuhiko Takahashi
    [Address] 662 Monarch Place, Waterloo, ON, CANADA N2V 1X3
    [Phone] 519-635-3484  [Fax] 519-884-3998