Festival Day

May 24 – June 30, 2011

During his two years in japan, photographer Matthew Brown became fascinated by the energy of Japan’s many festivals.
Intrigued by the beauty of festival shrines and the mysteries of ritual and detail, he began documenting his experiences.
We hope you can enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese matsuri (festival) through this exhibition.

“I was confused, open to wild misinterpretation and always wondering as the Mikoshi sped, ambled and spun by. They were carried by sometimes solemn but more often blissful, carefree people on a day that was weighty with the fulfillment of many months of preparation

Often swept away by the grand scene before me I was inevitably drawn to the details of the day and the season vignettes of colours, shapes and faces that always raised more questions than they answered.

However, something did become clear to me on festival day; the Japanese know intuitively that the strength of a group can be greater than the sum of the individual parts. Even the deeply tragic events of this year can be borne with profound courage by a nation that carries this in their hearts.”
Matthew Brown