Starter (A1) Placement Test


  1. This is a placement test to assess yourself and judge if this course is suitable for you. Please do not use a dictionary, ask anyone for help, or use computer translation software.
  2. Even if it seems too difficult at first glance, please feel free to talk with us about whether or not this course is right for you.
  3. Please time yourself and indicate how long it took you to complete this placement test. (**NOT including the writing composition)

Placement Test: Starter (JFS A1)


  • Write the kanji reading (please type in hiragana if possible).

    ① 魚 と ② 肉 と ③ 卵 を食べます。


  • 1. Choose the correct answers to complete the following conversation (3 parts).
  • よしだ:キムさん、たべもの①(a.は b.が c.を)、なに②(a.は b. が c. を)すきですか。

  • キム: わたし③(a.は b.が c.と d.を)やさい④(a.は b.が c.と d.を)くだもの⑤(a.は b.が c.も d.を) すきです。
        ごはん⑥(a.は b.が c.も d.を)すきです。

  • よしだ:そうですか。 わたし⑦(a.は b.が c.も d. と e. を)ごはん⑧(a.は b.が c.も d.を)あまり すきじゃないです。
        パン⑨(a.は b.が c.も d.と e. を)よく たべます。

  • 2. Make correct sentences by putting the following in the right order.

  • a) ( a. よにん  b. は c. わたしのかぞく )です。

  • b) ( a. おっと b. こども c. ふたり d. と) と わたしです。

  • c) ( a. ください  b. おちゃ  c. ふたつ)。

  • 3. Choose the appropriate expression in the given context.

  • 4. Answer the following questions in Japanese.

  • (NOT including the writing composition below.)

  • Self-Introduction:

    Write a self-introduction in Japanese. Please write by hand. Please try to include as many of the following as you can:

    • your name
    • the city and the country where you live
    • your nationality
    • languages you speak
    • your profession
    • your family (who they are, where they live)
    • your favourite foods (list at least three)
    • your favourite drinks (list at least three)
    • your favourite restaurants (list at least two) and why you like them

    *You may use the above list as a check-list to make sure that you include them all in your writing!

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf.