Director’s Message

Greetings and konnichiwa,

My name is Yuko Shimizu, the new Executive Director of the Japan Foundation, Toronto. I am very pleased to take on this exciting role, particularly since it will coincide with the 150th anniversary of Canada, followed by the 90th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Canada and Japan in 2018. During these very special landmark celebrations, we hope to present a wide variety of events and activities on Japanese Culture here at our centre in Toronto and across Canada.

As the only Canadian branch of the Japan Foundation, our mission is to conduct activities of the three main pillars of the Japan Foundation throughout the country; Arts and Culture; Japanese Language Education, and; Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange. We are not able to expand our activities effectively without the generous collaboration and cooperation of institutions and individuals from various parts of Canada. Fortunately, we have been enjoying strong support over the years from many partners in and out of Toronto, and we would like to further enhance and strengthen our networks. Feel free to contact us and share your ideas with us so that we can think of the best ways to collaborate.

Please visit our centre, located in a very central and accessible place in the heart of Toronto at the intersection of Bloor and Yonge. Many of you already know that we moved here two years ago from the Colonnade, where we had our office for twenty years. We continue to strive to present interesting exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, and various events related to Japanese culture. Our Japanese-language courses continue and now include a monthly drop-in lunchtime class. Our centre has a vibrant public lending library, which adds new materials every month to our collection of 20,000+ Japan-related publications and audio visual materials. To find out more about our current events, activities and classes, please visit our website, Twitter and Facebook page. You can also stay informed by subscribing to our weekly e-newsletter.

I look forward to seeing you, and thank you for your kind cooperation and advice.


Yuko Shimizu

Executive Director

The Japan Foundation, Toronto