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Solving a Smithsonian Samurai Mystery: The ‘Living Dolls’ of Japan, Lost and Found

Do you like MYSTERIES? TONIGHT – Dr. Robert Pontsioen will unlock the puzzling story behind an intriguing samurai diorama in his talk @ 9PM EDT. Continue reading →

11 Stories on Distanced Relationships: Contemporary Art from Japan

The Japan Foundation presents an online exhibition of contemporary Japanese art based on the theme of “Translating the Distance” by 11 artists. Continue reading →

Just Launched: Japan-Canada Literary Exchange

Join this special literary exchange of talks by iconic, award winning authors from Canada (Margaret Atwood, Katherine Govier, Vincent Lam) and Japan (ASADA Jiro, KIRINO Natsuo, HIRANO Keiichiro) in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Japan Foundation, Toronto.

JFF Plus Talk: Documentaries From Japan

NOW AVAILABLE on our YouTube Channel! Watch the recording of the LIVESTREAM talk between local film experts in CANADA Jesse Cumming, Dr. Darcy Gauthier and moderator Joanna Maracle to gain insights on documentaries from Japan. 

Healthy Hakko: The Fermented Culinary Arts of Japan

Healthy Hakko: The Fermented Culinary Arts of Japan What are the essential flavours of Japan? Miso, sushi, shoyu, sake, shochu, or katsuobushi? They have all undergone fermentation, and these are some of the favourites that will be covered this January … Continue reading →