Cinema Kabuki 2019 Vancouver

Sunday February 24, 2019

At Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

88 West Pender Street, 3rd floor, Vancouver

Direct from Japan/ Subtitled in English

Kabuki Theatre, with origins dating back to the 1600s, has remained steeped in tradition while constantly innovating itself. Live productions, featuring some of today’s greatest Kabuki stars, are now being filmed with the highest resolution cameras for screening in cinemas around the world on state-of-the-art digital projection systems and six-channel sound.

Musume Ninin Dojoji 12:30 pm

二人道成寺 京鹿子娘二人道成寺 きょうかのこ むすめににん どうじょうじ

Premiered in 1753

Directed for Cinema Kabuki by Naoya Hasumi. Recorded live at Kabuki-za Theatre, Tokyo, 2006.

71 minutes. Subtitled in English.

Trailer: here

Synopsis and background: here

Tamasaburo, one of Japan’s most renowned dancers, and rising star Kikunosuke create elegant mirror images to underscore the beauty and eroticism of one soul divided by the sacred and the profane in Dojoji – A Lover’s Duet.  Abandoning the sacred path has transformed a beautiful young woman into a serpent. Dancing at a dedication ceremony for a temple bell, the woman/serpent rediscovers her higher self.

Kagotsurube Sato no Eizame 2:45 pm

籠釣瓶 籠釣瓶花街酔醒 かごつるべ さとのえいざめ

Premiered in 1888

Written by Shinshichi Kawatake. Directed for Cinema Kabuki by Hiroyuki Nakatani

Recorded live at Kabuki-za Theatre, Tokyo, 2010

113 minutes. Subtitled in English

Trailer: here

Synopsis and background: here

On the main street of the Yoshiwara pleasure district the top courtesan Yatsuhashi makes a luxurious procession through the fully blooming cherry trees. Miraculously, she happens to smile at Jirozaemon, a country merchant in the crowd. Who would have ever imagined that this momentary encounter could be the cause of mass murder? A love triangle forces the courtesan to reject her best customer in the middle of a banquet — the most dishonourable humiliation of all. Jirozaemon seizes the haunted sword Kagotsurube, which inevitably invites bloodshed once it is drawn. Kanzaburo and Tamasaburo are joined by Nizaemon to form a dream cast for this Kabuki classic.

$20 each, plus handling fee

Advance tickets available through Eventbrite.

Advance tickets for Musume Ninin Dojoji @ 12:30 pm

Advance tickets for Kagotsurube Sato no Eizame @ 2:45 pm

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In association with Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver