2014 Event Archive

Exhibition1.01Noh Photography Exhibitiondetails»
Film Screening1.15Noh Film: Throne of Blood details
Film Screening1.20Noh Film: Dojojidetails
Film Screening1.27Noh Film: Lady Aoidetails
Film Screening1.28Noh Film: Sotoba Komachidetails
Lecture2.01Architecture as a Vessel of Memoriesdetails
Exhibition2.06The Many Faces of Danjuro IXdetails
Lecture2.24The Life and Works of the God of Manga, Osamu Tezukadetails
Lecture2.25Anime and Hollywood (the dance of rivals seeking to embrace)details
Lecture2.27Roland Kelts in Conversation with Manga Artist Nao Yazawadetails
Language class3.08Japanese Language and Culture Sampler: Hina Matsuri/Girls Daydetails
Lecture3.11Danjuro Exhibition Talk Idetails
Lecture3.18Danjuro Exhibition Talk IIdetails
Lecture3.21Danjuro Exhibition Talk IIIdetails
Lecture3.24Danjuro Exhibition Talk IVdetails
Storytelling3.29Katari Japanese Storytellersdetails
Lecture4.01Danjuro Exhibition Talk Vdetails
Lecture4.08Danjuro Exhibition Talk VIdetails
Lecture4.23From Wabi-Sabi to Kawaii? A Talk by Fashion Historian Akiko Fukaidetails
Language class4.26Japanese Language and Culture Samplerdetails
Film Screening4.30Fashion on Film: Takeshi Kitano’s Dollsdetails
Language Workshop5.03JFT Workshop for Japanese Language Teachersdetails
Exhibition5.05Seiji Ozawa Photography Exhibitiondetails
Lecture5.11TCAF Talk: Akira Himekawa in Conversationdetails
Lecture5.11TCAF Talk: The Future of the Manga Industrydetails
Lecture/Demonstration5.12Slide lecture and paper thread-making demonstration by Hiroko Karunodetails
Language Class5.23Sing into the Nightdetails
Library Display5.24Yokai, Obake and Yureidetails
Language Class5.29Japanese in Mangadetails
Language Workshop6.01Designing Japanese Language Education to Match the Studentsdetails
Lecture6.04Revitalization of Public Housingdetails
Language Workshop6.14Continuing Learning Japanese 15details
Film Screening6.28A Boy and His Samurai with director Yoshihiro Nakamuradetails
Library7.12Summer Festival at the JFT Librarydetails
Language Class7.12Japanese Language and Culture Samplerdetails
Language Class7.18Japanese through Films: Happy Family Plandetails
Language Class7.22I, the Reporterdetails
Language Class7.25Talk about Japan: Sports Journalismdetails
Language Class7.26Travel Japanesedetails
Exhibition8.06Japanese Design Todaydetails
Film Screening8.07Summer Warsdetails
Film Screening8.14I Wishdetails
Film Screening8.28The End of Summerdetails
Language Class9.04The JLPT Experience: N1details
Lecture9.05Snack with Cupmendetails
Language Class9.06Japanese Language and Culture Samplerdetails
Language Class9.09The JLPT Experience: N2details
Language Class9.10Reading in Japanesedetails
Language Class9.19The JLPT Experience: N3details
Lecture9.19Library Services in Aging Japandetails
Language Class9.22The JLPT Experience: N4details
Lecture9.24The Nikkei and LARA Postwar Relief Efforts to Japandetails
Language Class9.25Reading in Japanesedetails
Language Class9.29The JLPT Experience: N5details
Language Workshop10.04JFT Workshop for Japanese Language Teachersdetails
Film Screening10.08Anime at The Revue: Cyborg 009details
Film Screening10.15Anime at The Revue: Mai Mai Miracledetails
Film Screening10.16Kochuu: Japanese Architecture/Influence and Originsdetails
Lecture10.18Design Lectures: Hiroshi Kashiwagi & Yoshifumi Nakamuradetails
Lecture10.20Embracing Decline?details
Film Screening10.22Anime at The Revue: The Dagger of Kamuidetails
Language Class10.22Let's Learn Hiraganadetails
Authors' Talk10.24Japan-Canada Literary Dialoguedetails
Language Workshop10.25Continuing Learning Japanese 16details
Film Screening10.29Anime at The Revue: Akiradetails
Exhibition11.05Ryoji Ikeda & Walter Jule: Thresholddetails
Language Class11.15Let's Learn Katakanadetails
Language Class11.17Let's Try Kobanashidetails
Film Screening11.18Fall Films: Twenty Four Eyesdetails
Lecture11.21The Representation of Japan in the Republic of Lettersdetails
Language Class11.22Japanese Language and Culture Samplerdetails
Lecture11.24Collecting Japanese Ceramics for the British Museum, 1753 - 2014details
Film Screening11.25Fall Films: A Gentle Breeze in the Villagedetails
Lecture and Film Screening12.01The Transpacific Field of Dreamsdetails
Language Workshop12.03Continuing Learning Japanese 17details
Film Screening12.07Japanese Movies at the Bloor Cinema: 'Til the Break of Dawndetails
Film Screening12.08Japanese Movies at the Bloor Cinema: Kids Policedetails
Film Screening12.09Japanese Movies at the Bloor Cinema: Akko-chan: The Moviedetails
Language Workshop12.13JFT Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers: Digital Contentsdetails
Library12.18Holiday Celebration at the Librarydetails
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2013 Event Archive

Film Screening12.15Free Japanese Film Screenings at the Bloor Cinema
Language Class12.07Japanese through Films: Selections from the December Film Screenings
Film Screening12.09Holiday Movie: Tokyo Godfathers
Language Class12.06Talk About Japan: Noh Theater
Film Screening12.04Holiday Movie: Suite Dreams
Exhibition Lecture11.29Talk and Gallery Tour by Yokohama Noh Theatre Deputy Director Masayuki Nakamura
Supported Event11.19The Shoe Project Presents Standing Room Only 2.5
Language Class11.16Japanese Language and Culture Sampler
Lecture11.16You are Only as Good As Your Interpreter:
The Anatomy of Simultaneous Interpretation
Language Class11.13Let's Try Kobanashi!
Language Class11.09Once Again, Hiragana
Literary Dialogue10.29 Japanese Writers in Conversation
Film Screening10.24Halloween Film: "HOUSE"
Film Screening10.22Halloween Film: "KWAIDAN"
Film Screening10.03Tohoku movie night: "Reunion"
Film Screening09.30Tohoku movie night: "Departures"
Supported Event09.27Toronto Animated Image Society presents: Asia in My Mind
Film Screening09.26Tohoku movie night:
"Swing Girls"
Film Screening09.25Tohoku movie night: "Intentions of Murder"
Exhibition Lecture09.20Tohoku talk: "The Tsugaru District of Aomori Prefecture"
Prof. Anthony Rausch
Exhibition Lecture09.08Curator Kotaro Iizawa and Photographer Masaru Tatsuki
Literary Dialogue09.11Japanese Literature at Home and Abroad
Film Screening08.29Tohoku Movie Night: "The Ballad of Narayama"
Film Screening08.27Tohoku Movie Night: "Hula Girls"
Author's Talk08.20Amanda Sun, Author of "Ink"
Lecture08.16Dr. Ming Tiampo: "A New Global Japan: Japanese Artists at the Venice Biennale 2013"
Lecture08.13Mitsuyo Sakamoto:
:Challenges in raising children bilingually in Japan:
Lecture07.22Dr. Marc Steinberg: "Anime and the Media Mix"
Lecture07.08Dr. Sandra Annett: "Anime Fandom and Otaku Culture"
Film Screening
Director's Talk
07.29"Permanent Nobara" with Director Daihachi Yoshida
Lecture07.10Anne Park Shannon: "Finding Japan"
Film Screening06.06"Ping Pong"
Film Screening06.04"Tekkonkinkreet"
Workshop05.15Etegami Workshop by Sachiko Hata Pereklita
Artist Talk05.11Taiyo Matsumoto
Performance05.02Rakugo by Katsura Sunshine
Demonstration04.17Suisei Abe: Ikebana in Ceramics for Daily Comfort
Lecture04.16Talk by Toshi Aoyagi: Visiting Hasami, a Town of Daily Ceramics
Film Screening03.25Kazuhiro Soda Film Festival
Artist Talk03.27Ceramic Design talk by Kazuhiro Tominaga
Film Screening03.19"Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo"
Performance03.16Katari Japanese Storytellers
Film Screening03.12"Haru's Journey"
Film Screening03.08"Souls of Zen" and "KanZeOn"
Artist Talk03.06Ceramic Design talk by Yasuki Sakamoto
Lecture03.04Gender, Diversity and Tohoku Reconstruction
Artist Talk02.07Taiko Talk by Roy and PJ Hirabayashi
Lecture01.26Imagining Samurai: Talk by Dr. Hiroshi Kurushima
Lecture Series01.23Kabuki Talk Series by Toshi Aoyagi
Lecture01.17Seeing the Doctor in Japan
Lecture and Film Series01.16Itadakimasu!
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2012 Event Archive

Film Screening12.09 - 12.10Japanese Film Screenings in at the Bloor Cinema
Lecture11.16Talk by Prof. Victor Hori: Buddhism in Canada
Authors' Dialogue10.26Writers in Conversation
Film Screening09.24 - 10.04Anime Films by Makoto Shinkai
Panel Discussion08.15Japan Futures Initiative Panel
Film Screening08.13 - 08.17Japanese Craft Documentary Festival
Heron Maiden Talk by Toshi Aoyagi
Performing Arts05.30"Struggle for Hope" Yo Yo Ma and Tamasaburo Performance Film
Film SCreening05.29

"Ito: Diary of an Urban Priest" Screening
Performing Arts05.09Bando Tamasaburo Documentary "The Written Face"
Artist Talk05.04Konami Kanata in Conversation
Storytelling03.24Katari Japanese Storytelling
Panel Discussion03.15One Year After 3.11: Lessons and Issues Panel Discussion
Lecture03.14Western Reception of Contemporary Japanese Art Talk by Kiyoko Mitsuyama
Film Screening03.13 - 03.253.11 Film Series
Lecture02.2960 Years Later: The SF Peace Treaty and Regional Conflicts in SE Asia
Performing Arts02.22 - 02.23Cinema Kabuki
Lecture02.16 - 02.17Kabuki Talks by Cody Poulton
Lecture02.13Nature's Embrace: Mortuary Ceremony in Contemporary Japan
Film Screening02.10Chain of Life Mokuhanzome Kimono Dying Film Screening
Lecture01.20Digital Japan: A Talk by Ken Coates

Artist Talk01.06
A Talk by Photographer Nobuyuki Kobayashi
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2011 Event Archive

Film Screening12.08 - 12.10Japanese Film Screenings at the Bloor Cinema
Lecture11.30Struggling Cities Lecture 4: John Campey
Lecture11.23Struggling Cities Lecture 3: Christopher Hume
Lecture11.22The Music of Maki Ishii
Lecture11.16Struggling Cities Lecture 2: George Baird
Lecture11.09Struggling Cities Lecture 1: AndreSorensen
Lecture10.05History Lectures
Performing Arts10.04TsuguKaji-KOTO Concert
Film Screening09.20Screening of Summer Days with Coo
Authors' Dialogue09.09Japanese and Canadian Authors in Conversation
Film Screening08.25Screening of Kokoyakyu
Lecture07.21 - 07.22Two Audio/Visual Lectures by Michiko Hirama
Artist Talk07.11Talk by Photographer Haruo Nakano
Lecture06.07Washi Talk by David Pepper
Demonstration05.24Karakuri Ningyo Demonstration
Storytelling03.26Katari Japanese Storytellers
Panel Discussion03.22The 2011 Earthquake: First-hand Experiences and Insights into Recovery
Film Screening03.17Toronto Japanese Short Film Festival Pre-Event Screening and Talk
Lecture03.09Lecture by Naoko Murakoshi
Lecture03.03Lecture by Dr. Masaru Kohno
Lecture02.16Ukiyo-e talk by Carol Dorman
Performing Arts02.05 - 02.06Cinema Kabuki
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2010 Event Archive

Artist Talk11.23Yuzo Ishiyama Artist Talk and Video Screening: QWERTY
Artist Talk11.02Koki Tanaka Artist Talk and Video Screening
Performance10.27An Evening of Classical Guitar, Flute and Violin from Japan
Artist Talk10.01Sayonara Hashima: Artist talk and film screening
Lecture07.15Tenugui on the Kabuki Stage: Lecture by Toshi Aoyagi
Author Talk06.18 Found in Translation Festival: Lecture by Author Ryoko Sekiguchi
Lecture06.03Tenugui Lecture by Kazuhiro Kato of Kamawanu Tenugui
Authors' Dialogue05.03Japan Canada Authors' Forum: Vancouver Event
Authors' Dialogue04.30Japan-Canada Authors' Forum: Munk School, Toronto
Authors' Dialogue04.29Japan-Canada Authors' Forum: JCCC, Toronto
Authors' Dialogue04.27Japan-Canada Authors' Forum: Montreal Event
Lecture03.06The Job Called Touji: Life and Culture of Sake Brewers in Japan

A Lecture by Chieko Fujita
Lecture02.11Japan and the End of the Capitalist World-System: An Exploration of the Emerging Alternatives”
By Dr. Satoshi Ikeda, Concordia University
Lecture01.29Japan and the End of the Capitalist World-System: An Exploration of the Emerging Alternatives”
By Dr. Satoshi Ikeda, Concordia University
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2009 Event Archive

Performing Arts03.26Cinema Kabuki: Nezumi, The Japanese Robin Hood
Performing Arts03.28Cinema Kabuki: Dojoji
Performing Arts03.28The Job Called Touji: Life and Culture of Sake Brewers in Japan

A Lecture by Cinema Kabuki: The Sentimental Plasterer

Exhibition03.10 - 06.09Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan
Exhibition06.17 - 08.27 Four Seasons of Gardens in Kyoto

Talks by Leading Japanese Authors
at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
Performing Arts09.25SILVER ROOTS
featuring violinist Maria Kaneko Millar
Exhibition09.02 - 11-17Graphics in Bloom: Koichi Sato Poster Design
Performing Arts11.11Cinema Kabuki: Dojoji
Performing Arts11.14Cinema Kabuki: Triple Lion Dance
Performing Arts11.14Cinema Kabuki: The Peony Lantern
Film Screening12.09Japanese FIlm Screenings: The Stars Converge
Film Screening12.10Japanese Film screenings: Women in the Mirror
Film Screening12.12Japanese Film Screening: The Milk Woman
Film Screening12.13Japanese Film Screening: Dog in a Sidecar
Exhibition11.16 - 02.25Origami Architecture


2008 Event Archive


Workshop02.21Origami Workshop by the Origami Society
Lecture02.06My Musashi Pilgrimage
Lecture by Katherine Govier
Exhibition11.27The Spirit of Budo
Storytelling03.2914th Annual Katari Japanese Storytelling
Exhibition03.11 - 05.09Daisuke Takeya: Kara
Performing Arts04.26Infinite Echoes from Japan
Exhibition05.23 - 07-10Washi over Time:
Layers of Meaning in Japanese Paper
Demonstration06.09Demonstration of Japanese Papermaking by Hiroaki Imai, Shinji Hayashi and Hiroshi Tamura
Workshop06.11Origami Workshop with Origami Society of Toronto, Origami with Washi
Lecture06.12Lecture by Paul Denhoed: Immersion and Education: my time in the papermaking "villages" of Japan
Lecture06.12Lecture by Rob Shepherd: "From Kyoto to London: Chiyogami takes the U.K. by storm"
Lecture06.14Grand Review (panel discussion with artists and papermakers)
Exhibition11.25 - 02.26Enso: Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition by Noriko Maeda

2007 Event Archive

Workshop02.16The Uzawa Noh Troupe
Performing Arts02.17The Uzawa Noh Troupe in a Traditional Japanese Noh Theatre Performance of

Lady Aoi
Storytelling03.24Katari Japanese Storytellers
Exhibition02.24 - 04.29Japanese Design Today 100 (at Design Exchange)
Exhibition02.01 - 05.05Masahiro Mori ceramic Design Exhibition
Film Screening02.08, 02.22Nitaboh
Film Screening03.08, 03.22The Gift from Beate
Exhibition05.10 - 07.31Painting for Joy: New Japanese Painting in the 1990s
Lecture07.18Lecture: "What Happened Afterwards"
Film Screening07.23 - 07.31BunkaFest:

An Exploration of Japanese Culture through Documentaries

July 23-31
Exhibition08.08 - 10.25The Satoyama Story: Vivian Reiss in Japan
Film Screenings10.13Twilight Samurai and Kamikaze Girls
Exhibition11.03 - 11.16Nihongo Art Contest
Exhibition11.27 - 01.06Sharing Our Traditions (at Spadina Museum)