Japanese Studies Programs

This page describes programs available in Canada for the 2019-2020 fiscal year (April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020).

Decisions on applications to Japan Foundation open programs are made once a year so that all applications may stand on an equal basis in an international competition.

Application forms are available in September for the next fiscal year. Program application deadlines vary per program. Please check the individual program for the deadline. Applications are sent to Tokyo to be screened. Decisions for most applications are announced in April.

Local Grants

Local Grants are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the fiscal year. For more details on Japan Foundation, Toronto Local Grants click here.

Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Programs for 2019-2020

The following programs are open to Canadian educational institutions or individuals. For a detailed description of eligibility requirements and application procedures, click on the programs below:

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship Program
This program provides opportunities to conduct research in Japan by supporting preeminent foreign scholars in Japanese Studies.

Detailed information and application forms

Deadline: December 3, 2018
Grant Program for Japanese Studies Projects
This program is designed to promote Japanese studies overseas by providing grants toward various Japanese studies projects implemented by overseas organizations.

Detailed information and application forms

Deadline: December 3, 2018
Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences
This program is designed to strengthen intellectual exchange between Japan and other countries and to fortify Japan's intellectual contribution in the world by supporting dialogue on regionally or globally shared issues.

Detailed information and application forms

Deadline: December 3, 2018

 How to Apply

1) Contact the Japan Foundation, Toronto or the nearest diplomatic mission to clarify your eligibility. (Even if you are certain of your eligibility, it is helpful to let the office know that you are planning to submit an application.)

2) Download the application from this website or contact the Japan Foundation, Toronto to request that a copy be mailed to you. Fill out the application and submit by the specified deadline.

3) The application results for most programs will be sent to you by mail in April 2019.