Fellow Gallery

For more than 40 years, The Japan Foundation has provided support in the form of fellowships to scholars of Japanese studies, from Ph.D. candidates to preeminent leaders in their fields. These prestigious fellowships have given scholars the opportunity to conduct critical research in Japan.

Now, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of The Japan Foundation, Toronto, we wish to shed light on the Japan Foundation Fellowship program and to commemorate past years of valuable intellectual exchange between Canada and Japan. We invite all of our supporters, patrons, and friends to meet our past Fellows and learn about their achievements and experiences during and after their fellowship.

Akané D'Orangeville

2013 Fellow

Professor Andrew Campana

2015-16 Fellow

Dr. Carin Holroyd

2010 & 2020 Fellow

Honorary Professor Claude-Yves Charron

2017 Fellow

Professor Dan Adler

2019 Fellow

Professor David Anderson

2009 Fellow

Dr. David Murakami Wood

2019 Fellow

Dr. Dominic Steavu

2006-07 Fellow

Jesse Cumming

2020 Fellow

Professor Geoffrey Rockwell

2011 Fellow

Professor Joshua Scott Mostow

1994-95 & 2017 Fellow

Dr. Ken Coates

2010 & 2014 Fellow

Dr. Kazue Harada

2012-13 Fellow

Professor Kimie Hara

2017-18 Fellow

Professor Marie-Josée Lorrain

2015-16 Fellow

Dr. Maxime Polleri

2015-16 Fellow

Dr. Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano

2012 Fellow

Dr. Robert Pontsioen

2016-17 Fellow

Dr. Rudiger Meyer

2010 & 2019 Fellow

Professor X. Jie Yang

1996 & 2007-08 Fellow