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The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation is Japan’s only institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world.
In addition to its Tokyo headquarters, the Japan Foundation has 24 offices in 23 countries (including two liaison offices), as well as the Kyoto Office and two Japanese-language institutes in Japan. Using these offices and organizations as footholds, the Foundation is active in all regions of the world. The Japan Foundation also works closely with Japanese embassies and consulates, Japanese language institutions, and cultural exchange organizations abroad to expand its activities on a global scale.






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Ebooks are viewable with tablets, phones, computer or dedicated ebook readers. View these step by step videos from OverDrive to learn how to use your particular device to browse, check out, and download ebooks.

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Patrons must have a valid Japan Foundation membership to borrow from JF OverDrive. Enter your membership or library card number, and PIN (last four-digits of your phone number) to sign in.

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Late fines are never applied in the case for ebooks and audiobooks.

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Materials may be renewed 3 days before they expire if there are no holds pending. If the item is unavailable for renewal, you may place a hold.

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Visit jf.overdrive.com and click on the “Sign in” button. On the Libby App, find The Japan Foundation under “Add A Library” from your user profile. Select your library (Canada/USA). Log in by entering your membership or library card number and PIN number (last four-digits of your phone number).

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You may browse exclusively for digital library materials on jf.overdrive.com. Search by title or author, either in English or Japanese. You may also browse for more titles by subject or collections and narrow your search results by availability and language.


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