Japanese Language Classes

At the Japan Foundation, Toronto we offer several types of classes for people who want to learn more about the Japanese language and culture:

The levels of all our classes are based on the Japan Foundation Standard for Japanese Language Education (JF Standard), so if you want to know if a certain class is right for you, please click here for more information.

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For inquiries about Japanese language classes, please contact Barbara Carter at bcarter@jftor.org.


Marugoto A1 KatudooJapanese Together

These term-based courses run for two hours a week over three 13 week terms (fall, winter, spring). While it is possible to register for each term individually, for the best experience we recommend taking all three terms.

These courses use Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture, which is a textbook designed by the Japan Foundation. Through studying with us in our Japanese Together language courses, you will learn to complete various “Can-do” in Japanese!

For more information or to register in one of this year’s Japanese Together courses please click here.


Other Japanese Language & Culture Classes

At the Japan Foundation, Toronto we sometimes offer classes designed to supplement your Japanese studies, or prepare you for entering courses such as Japanese Together. We also have cultural classes looking at various aspects of Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese society, and the language associated with them which are the perfect for people who are interested in learning the language but don’t know where to start.

In the past we have offered such classes as:

  • Let’s Learn Hiragana! (JF Standard A1) and Let’s Learn Katakana! (JF Standard A1): for those who want to start learning how to read and write in the two basic Japanese alphabets.
  • Travel Japanese (JF Standard A1): generally offered twice a year (before the spring and summer travel seasons) for people who are planning to visit Japan and want to learn some essentials before they go!
  • Let’s Learn Keigo! (JF Standard B1) an intermediate class for those who want to learn more about formal Japanese.