MARUGOTO Intermediate Japanese Language Classes

まるごと (marugoto):

  1. a Japanese word meaning ‘whole’ or ‘everything’
  2. a textbook series which invites students to learn not only Japanese, but also Japanese culture alongside the language

At the Japan Foundation, Toronto, we are happy to offer intermediate Japanese language classes using the textbook series Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture, which was developed by the Japan Foundation. Marugoto is a textbook based on the Japan Foundation Standard for Japanese Language Education (or “JF Standard” – for more information, please click here).

Using various materials, students will work towards the expansion of vocabulary and grammatical accuracy and fluency in spoken and written Japanese. This class will also look at communication strategies as well as the socio-cultural aspects of the language.

Upcoming Classes

Class Structure and Fees

Each class is made up of 6 two-hour lessons which cover a topic from the Marugoto Intermediate (B1) books, including activities focusing on all four areas of communication (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

The cost of one class (6 lessons) is $150, and the fees are due on the first day of class (cash or cheque only). Textbooks are available for purchase for $40.

The JF Standard

These classes fall under the B1 level of the JF Standard. If you are not sure if this is the right level for you, you can click here for an online level checker which will give you an idea of the different levels of the JF Standard.

If you are looking for Starter (A1) or Elementary (A2) level classes, please check out our Japanese Together courses!


For inquiries about Japanese language classes, please contact Barbara Carter at