JFT Online MARUGOTO Japanese Language Courses: Student Voices

JFT Online MARUGOTO Japanese Language Courses

At the Japan Foundation, Toronto, we offer year-long Japanese language courses using the textbook series Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture, which was developed by the Japan Foundation. Marugoto is a textbook based on the Japan Foundation Standard for Japanese Language Education (or “JF Standard” – for more information, please click here). Through studying with us in our language courses, you will learn to complete various “Can-do” in Japanese!

We offer courses for everyone from complete beginners (Starter A1) to intermediate speakers (Intermediate B1).

*Please note that currently all our courses are only being offered online.


For inquiries about Japanese language classes, please contact Barbara Carter at bcarter@jftor.org.

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Student Voices

Here’s what current & former students have to say about our MARUGOTO Japanese language courses!

Over the years I have started and for any number of reasons quit all kinds of language schools. However, here at JFT not only did I complete the entire course but I’m looking forward to returning in the fall. Even though it was a starter course, by the end you felt you could travel to Japan on your own. The textbooks actually match the real world. Even at a very basic level, by the end of the final term we were all able to shop in a department store, ask for directions, read street signs, order food in a restaurant, talk about our hobbies and vacations and much more. All the things you would normally do. Often there is little opportunity to practice outside the classroom but because the lessons are also online and interactive you have the opportunity to review and reinforce both listening and speaking skills. As adults learning a language can be rather stressful. Our instructor was amazing. She has a great sense of humour, patient, encouraging, motivating and all those other attributes that make for a great teacher. The course was fun. I encourage anyone who has an interest in things Japanese and wishes to try their hand at learning the language to enroll in one of the courses offered by the Japan Foundation, Toronto.
-AR (former Starter A1 student)

What I really enjoy about the Marugoto program is its focus on contextual learning. Rather than introducing new grammar points first before applying within practical scenarios, Marugoto starts by introducing a topic and then draws out new grammar organically through application. As we work through each topic (generally about 4 weeks), we successively build on new words and phrases and, through that, gradually develop an understanding of the various grammar points within that context. Also, Marugoto teachers always provide expansions of how to use the new grammar, whether through more challenging conversation exercises or other example scenarios of where that grammar can be used. There are so few situations in the “real world” that will exactly match the textbook practice exercises, so I find that Marugoto’s focus on “Can-do” equips language learners to actually go out and use their Japanese. For me, it’s a very natural and fun way of learning a new language.
-Sydney (former Pre-Intermediate A2/B1 student)

“Student Voices” Videos

We also have a series of “Student Voices” videos, which you can watch on our YouTube channel!

Marcus (Starter A1)

Marvin (Starter A1)

Jonathan (Elementary A2-1)

Yuriko (Elementary A2-1)

Andrew (Intermediate B1)