Local Grant Program for Japanese-Language Education

I. Overview
II. Deadline
III. Eligible area
IV. Description
V. Forms and instructions
VI. Contact

I. Overview

This program is intended to promote Japanese-language education in Canada by providing support to a wide range of activities essential to the dissemination of Japanese-language and the development of Japanese-language education.

II. Deadline

FY2019 Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

* If funds allow, there will be a 2nd round of applications, but we recommend you submit your applications for the 2019 fiscal year by April 15, 2019. Earlier submission is encouraged.

III. Eligible Area


IV. Description

Applying organizations and groups may apply for a combination of programs that meet their needs, depending on their activity. Examples of programs eligible for this support are given below. Detailed information and application forms can be downloaded here.

C-I Japanese-Language Speech Contest and Activities Support Grant Pays some of the costs of holding programs such as speech contests, presentations, and debate contests that are intended to motivate students and raise local interest in Japanese-language education.AB, C-I
C-II Staff Expansion GrantPays part of the salary and wages paid by an applicant to Japanese-language teachers when they start a new Japanese-language course or increase the number of courses.AB, C-II
C-III Teaching Material Purchase and Support for Resource Centre GrantPays part of the cost of purchasing teaching materials and supplementary materials needed by Japanese-language teachers when conducting Japanese-language courses. (The Japan Foundation is not able to purchase and mail teaching materials.)AB, C-III
C-IV Publication GrantPays part of the cost of preparing and publishing teaching materials consistent with the curriculum and needs.AB, C-IV
C-IV Conference GrantPays part of the cost of holding seminars, workshops, symposiums and training sessions for Japanese-language teachers.AB, C-IV
C-IV Other Original ProposalsPays part of the cost of carrying out projects that have been planned by the applicant to promote Japanese-language education and/or train Japanese-language teachers.AB, C-IV

V. Forms and Instructions:

C-I Japanese-Language Speech Contest and Activities Support Grant

C-II Staff Expansion Grant

C-III Teaching Material Purchase and Support for Resource Centre Grant

C-IV Publication Grant; C-IV Conference Grant; C-IV Other Original Proposals

 VI. Contact