Teachers’ Professional Development

The Japan Foundation, Toronto offers a variety of programs for teachers throughout the year.

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Online Teachers’ Workshops

Professional development programs for Japanese-language teachers in Canada.

Japanese Language Brush-up Workshops

Programs for teachers in Canada who speak Japanese as a second language and who would like to maintain Japanese language proficiency.

Information Exchange Meetings

Networking opportunities for Japanese-language teachers in Canada

JFT Japanese-Language Course Observation

JFT Language Teaching Materials & Resources

The Japan Foundation Head Office Programs

There are also several programs for teachers offered by the Japan Foundation Head Office in Japan.

  • For more information on those programs please click here.


For inquiries, please contact Noriko Saito at nsaito@jftor.org.
*For inquiries about observing our Marugoto language courses, please contact Salma Saleh at  ssaleh@jftor.org.

Past Events