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Themed Booklists

ThemeLast UpdatedEvent
Kyoko NakajimaSeptember 27, 2019Created for Writers on Writing: Author Kyoko Nakajima in conversation with Lynne Kutsukake
JFT Book Club - Movies and BooksAugust 13, 2019Created for JFT's Book Club - Movies and Books
Ceramics and SakeAugust 1, 2019Created for Ceramic Design For Sake Exhibition
JFT Book Club RecommendationsJune 12, 2019Created for JFT's Book Club - Books and Tea
Four Seasons of Gardens in KyotoApril 25, 2019Created for Four Seasons of Gardens in Kyoto: Photographs by Katsuhiko Mizuno
Hiroshige and Ukiyo-e PrintmakingJanuary 18, 2019Created for Landmarks From Before It Was Called Tokyo: Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo
Shodo Japanese CalligraphyOctober 16, 2018Created for Noriko Maeda Foundations
Sayaka MurataOctober 3, 2018Created for What is Normal? - In Conversation with Author Sayaka Murata
Noh TheatreJuly 24, 2018Created for Masks Onstage: Noh Theatre Photography
Tokyo BEFORE / AFTERApril 20, 2018Created for Tokyo BEFORE/AFTER
Yayoi KusamaMarch 3, 2018Created for Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors at the AGO
French materials at JFTNovember 13, 2017French materials available in the JFT Library
Japanese Folktales, Yokai and HorrorOctober 23, 2017Created for Halloween
Ainu Art and CultureSeptember 27, 2017Created for Indigenous Cultures in Japan and Canada
Japanese BaseballAugust 21, 2017Created for Fighting Spirit in Baseball Films: Kano
Todai-ji Temple, NaraApril 1, 2017Created for Road of Light and Hope: National Treasures of Todai-ji Temple, Nara Photographs by Miro Ito
Women and BuddhismMarch 8, 2017Created for Bikers, Widows, and Bidhisattvas - Female Priests in Japanese Buddhism
Samurai and Ukiyo-e PrintsJan 6, 2016Created for Legendary Loyalty: The 47 Ronin in Japanese Prints
YakishimeMay 24, 2016Created for YAKISHIME - Earth Metamorphosis
KamishibaiMay 28, 2016Created for Saturday Opening Kamishibai Readings
Rural TourismMay 6, 2016Created for "Country Roads - Rural Tourism in Japan & Canada"
Mitsuyo KakutaOctober 27, 2015Created for the events of the International Festival of Authors 2015
IBBYJanuary 20, 2014Created for the library display "IBBY Collection for Young People with Disabilities."
Japanese BaseballNovember 28, 2014Created for the talk "The Transpacific Field of Dreams."
Japanese CeramicsNovember 17, 2014Created for the talk "Collecting Japanese Ceramics for the British Museum, 1753-2014."
Contemporary Literature in French - Littérature japonaise contemporaineOctober 10, 2014Created for the The International Travel
& Tourism Show 2014.
Haruki MurakamiOctober 10, 2014Updated for the English-language release of "Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage."
Fuminori NakamuraOctober 9, 2014Created for The International Festival of Authors (IFOA) 2014.
Aging and Changing DemographicsSeptember 18, 2014Created for "Library Services in Aging Japan: A talk by Professor Chieko Mizoue, University of Tsukuba," and "Embracing Decline? Understanding the Dynamics of Aging, Depopulation and Well-Being in Rural Japan: A talk by Professor Peter Matanle, University of Sheffield."
Journalism and Written JapaneseJuly 14, 2014Created for Japanese Language Courses: 記者の私 and Talk about Japan: Sports Journalism.
Seiji OzawaJune 14, 2014Created for "Seiji Ozawa: A Photography Exhibition of a Young Maestro."
Architecture & Urban PlanningJune 3, 2014Updated for "Revitalization of Public Housing: A talk by Prof. Sayaka Fujii, introduced by André Sorensen."
Japanese Picture BooksMay 28, 2014Created for "Designing Japanese Language Education to Match the Students."
Kamishibai Picture StoriesMay 28, 2014Created for "Designing Japanese Language Education to Match the Students."
Ghosts, Goblins & YokaiMay 22, 2014Created for Doors Open Toronto 2014.
Japanese PaperMay 13, 2014Created for "Kigami and Kami-Ito: Paper thread-making demonstration by Hiroko Karuno."
TCAFMay 6, 2014Created for The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2014.
Japanese FashionApr 26, 2014Created for "From Wabi-Sabi to Kawaii? A Talk by Fashion Historian Akiko Fukai."
KimonoApr 15, 2014Updated for "From Wabi-Sabi to Kawaii? A Talk by Fashion Historian Akiko Fukai."
KabukiMar 7, 2014Updated for "The Many Faces of Danjuro IX: An exhibition of original Kabuki Prints."
Tezuka OsamuFeb 24, 2014Updated for "The Life and Works of the God of Manga, Osamu Tezuka."
TPPFeb 10, 2014Created for "TPP 101: An introduction to the world of trade regimes and negotiations."
NohNov 13, 2013Created for "Yokohama Noh Theatre Photography Exhibition."
RakugoNov 7, 2013Created for "Let’s Try Kobanashi! 『小噺を演じてみよう!』."
Works by Iizawa Kotaro and Tatsuki MasaruSep 17, 2013Created for "Tohoku Talks: Kotaro Iizawa & Masaru Tatsuki."
Monkey Business 2013Sep 6, 2013Created for "Monkey Business: New Voices from Japan."
Kazushige Abe and Mieko KawakamiSep 1, 2013Created for "International Festival of Authors 2014: Japanese Authors in Conversation."
Anime DVDsAug 21, 2013Created for Fan Expo 2013.
Materials Available for Teachers of JapaneseAug 18, 2013Created for The 2013 Japanese Language and Proficiency Test.
Finding JAPAN: Early Canadian
Encounters with Asia
Jun 10, 2013Created for "Anne Park Shannon: Finding Japan."
TohokuJun 5, 2013Created for "Tohoku - Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers Exhibition."
Matsumoto TaiyoMay 11, 2013Created for "The World of Taiyo Matsumoto Exhibition."
JFT Library Manga CollectionMar 6, 2013Created for JFT library archives.
Edo SamuraiJan 26, 2013Created for "Imagining Samurai: A Look at Life through Art of the Edo Period by Dr. Hiroshi Kurushima."
FoodJan 16, 2013Created for "Itadakimasu! A Series Exploring Sustainable Food Systems and Mindful Eating."
Hyakunin IsshuJan 8, 2013Created for New Year's 2013.
Industrial DesignJan 4, 2013Created for "Ceramics for Daily Comfort: Design Exhibition by Yasuki Sakamoto and Kazuhiro Tominaga."
Washi and Paper ArtDec 4, 2012Created for World Washi Summit 2012.
Buddhism In JapanNov 16, 2012Created for the lecture "Buddhism in Canada by Professor Victor Hori."
Legacy of Hiroshima and NagasakiNov 7, 2012Created for library display, "The Legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."
Hiromi Ito, Hiromi Kawakami,
Motoyuki Shibata
Oct 15, 2012Created for International Festival of Authors 2012.
TIFF 2012Sep 10, 2012Created for Toronto International Film Festival 2012.
What can Japan learn from Canada
about foreign and security policy?
Aug 15, 2012Created for Japan Futures Initiative lecture.
Japanese CraftsJun 28, 2012Created for "Contemporary Japanese Crafts Exhibition."
LeonieJun 1, 2012Created for the book launch of “Leonie" by Hisako Matsui.
ArchitectureMay 25, 2012Created for Doors Open Toronto 2012.
Japanese ArtMar 14, 2012Created for "For Nature or Against Nature: The Western Reception of Contemporary Japanese Art."
EarthquakesMar 2, 2012Created for the Great East Japan Earthquake anniversary.
PeaceFeb 29, 2012Created for "60 Years Later: The San Francisco Peace Treaty and the Regional Conflicts in East Asia by Dr. Kimie Hara."
Dr. Cody PoultonFeb 16, 2012Created for talk by Dr. Cody Poulton.
The Reading ListFeb 14, 2012Created for the book launch of “The Reading List” by Leslie Shimotakahara.
Mortuary Ceremony in JapanFeb 9, 2012Created for "Nature’s Embrace: Creating a New Mortuary Ceremony in Contemporary Japan."
The Tale of GenjiJun 26, 2010Created for JFT library archives.
CalligraphyJul 21, 2008Created for "Shiko Kataoka: Master Calligrapher from Japan Exhibition."
Martial ArtsDec 5, 2007Created for "The spirit of Budo: Japan’s Martial Arts Exhibition."
Toru TakemitsuJul 18, 2006Created for "WATERSCAPE: Homage to Toru Takemitsu."


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