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Arms Race in Architecture

An arms race is on in the worlds of computation and architectural fabrication research. Robots with increasingly large, fast, and powerful capabilities are available and can produce outputs with military-grade precision. The assumption is that through the use of these … Continue reading →

BYOB Lunchtime Films > World Heritage in Japan

July 26 – Join us for BYOB Free Lunchtime film screening – Travel Japan to 4 UNESCO sites for a close-up of their beauty! Continue reading →

Design Lectures: Hiroshi Kashiwagi & Yoshifumi Nakamura

In conjunction with “Japanese Design Today 100”exhibition 1:00 pm Curator’s talk by Hiroshi Kashiwagi 3:30 pm Designer/Architect’s talk by Yoshifumi Nakamura Prof. Hiroshi Kashiwagi (Musashino Art University) and architect/furniture designer, Mr. Yoshifumi Nakamura, are visiting Toronto to give lectures to Canadian … Continue reading →

Kochuu: Japanese Architecture/Influence & Origin

Dir. Jesper Wachtmeister 2006, 53 min. KOCHUU is a visually stunning film about modern Japanese architecture, its roots in the Japanese tradition, and its impact on the Nordic building tradition. Winding its way through visions of the future and traditional … Continue reading →

Architecture as a Vessel of Memories

Katsuhiro Miyamoto architect, professor at Osaka City University Katsuhiro Miyamoto was born in 1961 in Hyogo Prefecture, and studied and completed his master’s degree in 1987 at the University of Tokyo. Miyamoto established Atelier Cinquieme Architects in 1988, which reconfigured … Continue reading →