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Connect with Japan: Japanese Food

Whether you’re a life-long fan of Japanese food or interested in trying it for the first time, join us at the Japan Foundation for a class looking into the language and culture behind washoku (Japanese food) on November 14th!

Vancouver JLPT Information Sessions

Learn more about the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
9/18 (Friday), 9/19 (Saturday), 9/20 (Sunday)

Travel Japanese

*Registration is now closed. Thank you for your interest* Looking to travel to Japan but worried about what to say when you get there? Join us for our “Travel Japanese” course where we will go over the essential words and … Continue reading →

Let’s Learn Kanji

Finally got comfortable with hiragana and katakana, and looking to continue studying Japanese? Worried that kanji look complicated? Or think they look cool and can’t wait to start studying? Join us to learn the fun side of kanji characters in … Continue reading →

Let’s Learn Katakana

*This class is now full. Thank you for your interest* Interested in learning Japanese but not sure where to begin? Join us for Let’s Learn Katakana! In this class we will learn katakana, one of the basic components of written … Continue reading →