The 27th Katari Japanese Storytelling Show “Tracing back Silk Road”

Time: May 17 – 30, 2021
Venue: Streaming on YouTube. Link: TBD or search for “2021 Katari Japanese Storytelling”
Visit: Facebook “Katari To”
Contact: Yusuke Tanaka
Audience: General
Admission: Free

Featuring artists:  

  1. Koko Kikuchi “Oshira-sama” A Japanese folktale from “Tohno Stories”
  2. Yusuke Tanaka “Urashima Taro” Back to the future
  3. Seiko Shirafuji Poem chanting “The Poems of Misuzu Kaneko”
  4. Noriko Yamamoto “The Swan” A mime-dance performance
  5. Ron Korb “Fukuoka My Love”  A journey to my ancestors’ home village

Co-presented by Toronto Storytelling Festival:

2021 Katari Storytellers

*Koko Kikuchi

Born in Tohoku, the northeast of Japan, Koko has been involved in Katari almost since its inception. He specializes in the folktales of his native region of Iwate, Northern Japan.



*Seiko Shirafuji

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, she is a singer and folk dancer and a retired medical doctor. Seiko has been performing in many community events and local festivals since 1995.




*Yusuke Tanaka

A veteran translator, writer, director of the Katari since 1994. He has been telling Ainu people’s stories and his own adaptations of Japanese folklore in many places such as New York, Seoul, Kyoto, Tokyo and Sapporo.



*Noriko Yamamoto

A professional dancer, mime, Silent Storyteller, and visual artist. Since moving to Toronto from Tokyo in 1994, Noriko has added Nia to her repertoire. She performs regularly at schools, libraries, festivals, and at various other events.




*Ron Korb <Guest Storyteller>

Grammy nominated flutist and composer. He has travelled around the world collecting bamboo and various indigenous world flutes. He lived in his ancestors’ country, Japan for two years, exploring his identity and the culture. Inspired by these experiences, he produced his legendary album “Japanese Mysteries” (1993).


*Video edited by Louis Au
In collaboration with Kitaek, Hiroki, Maya and Jade.